Teacher and student reviewing content on a computer.
08 Mar: Math + Art = Amazing Math Talk

How do you create assessments which still involve learning? Take a look at what happens when math meets art!

Students working on some research together.
03 Mar: Building Curiosity with Text Features

Text features aren’t the brightest & flashiest things on the page. How can we use them to our advantage?

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28 Feb: Franklin Community Schools and Keep Indiana Learning Attract International Audience to Franklin Through the Inaugural Building Thinking Classrooms Conference

Contributor Keep Indiana Learning Keep Indiana Learning was created to support educators by sharing resources and best practices in online…

3D Printers in a Design Lab
15 Feb: Sustaining Your 3D Printing Program

Dr. Corey Hall concludes her series on 3D printing in schools. How do you make sure your program is sustainable?

Light bulb and empty spaces for ideas!
13 Feb: Why Every Teacher Benefits from Professional Development

Keep Indiana Learning is proud to offer a plethora of professional development opportunities for educators both inside and outside of Indiana.

10 Feb: Innovation in the CTE Classroom

How do we keep learning fresh & engaging for students? Ashley Johnson has some innovative ideas she uses in her CTE classroom which might just be the inspiration you need!

Students working on a poster.
08 Feb: Enhancing Employability Skills through Escape Games

Discover how a counselor and STEM Specialist partnered up to give students an opportunity to learn about and practice employability skills while enjoying an engaging escape game.

Children doing homework with an adult.
03 Feb: The Joy of Writing

“But I don’t like writing…” How many times have teachers & parents heard that whine from a child? Bridgett Nelson shares how she helped her early learners develop a love of writing.

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