IN the LEAD is a highly-focused Educational Leadership Community of Practice that provides an opportunity for targeted growth.

See what educators are saying about the impact of the IN the LEAD Fall 2021 Workshops.

Targeted Learning Strands

The IN the LEAD targeted learning strands are based on the critical priorities identified by the IDOE as key areas of impact. They are designed to deliver relevant and applicable strategies, sustainability, and research-based best practices from national experts , authors, and Indiana practitioners to support the creation of a local community of practice for the participants.

Districts, educator teams, and individuals can take advantage of the resources, events, and virtual content to meet their personalized goals and learning objectives. This allows for focused professional development rather than a one size fits all response to the need for support in these IDOE priority areas.

Leading Transformational Change

This strand facilitates fundamental changes in practice and shifts in organizational culture that lead to transformational results for adults and students. Designed to target both the adaptive work (shifting mindsets and beliefs, changing habits, and establishing new ones) and technical solutions (tools, protocols, and processes) required for achieving success at scale and sustaining it over time.

Elements of this strand include:

  • Leadership for Change (Fall 2021 Strand 1)
  • Data Analysis (Fall 2021 Strand 2)
  • Creating a Culture of Success to Retain and Recruit High Quality Educators (Fall 2021 Strand 6)

Accelerating Learning: Redesigning and Rethinking Instruction, Assessment, and Engagement

This strand works to harness the power of transformation as we establish the new definition of teaching and learning in the wake of the global COVID pandemic. We will develop new ways to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reboot teaching and learning as we know it so that we magnify the effective practices from the past while leveraging the many recent lessons learned.

Elements of this strand include:

  • Creating Connection – Relevance, Engagement, & Relationships (Fall 2021 Strand 3)
  • Bouncing Back Higher – Teacher Clarity & Instructional Strategies (Fall 2021 Strand 4)
  • Assessing for Learning – Standards Driven, Student Centered (Fall 2021 Strand 5)
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