Climate Teacher Education

Climate Teacher Ed flyer

The March 2022 Climate Teacher Ed Webinar features Drs. Kelley Lê and Juan Manuel Rubio (both from University of California Irvine), who share their educational efforts connecting environmental justice, history, science, and civic action. They trace how a local community has been investigating and taking action in response to a history of soil pollution—and how educators can bring that kind of socio-scientific topic into secondary science instruction. They discuss how science and science education need to be reframed in order to focus on working towards justice.

The Climate Teacher Ed Collaborative is a network focused on meaningfully integrating the climate crisis into our teacher education programs. We work from the assumption that all students have a right to learn how to participate in community climate justice projects and in civic activities focused on responding to the climate crisis. As part of that work, we are hosting monthly webinars with climate justice experts who can help illuminate this work.