How Professional Learning Experts can Develop You as an Educator

We preach lifelong learning to our students, and we unconsciously learn new things every day. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to take intentional steps to boost your skills as an educator.

At Keep Indiana Learning, part of our mission is to help teachers develop and, by extension, transform their districts, schools, and classrooms. That’s why we’re proud to offer customized professional learning that develops stand-out educators. Learn more about how working with professional learning experts can make you a more well-rounded educator.

What Is Customized Professional Learning? 

Customized professional learning is a tailored plan to meet your professional development needs. This training can be given to individual educators or implemented on a district-wide basis. The ultimate goal is to have a set strategy to provide the resources and professional learning you need for success.

Customized professional learning is how we work to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s educators. As teachers navigate online learning, hybrid classrooms, and students with special needs, the Keep Indiana Learning team is committed to being your partner and helping build a professional learning plan that matches your unique situation.

Every student is different, so every classroom is bound to be different as well. Professional learning for educators is tailored to your specific situation and guided by the following core pillars:

  • Research – We believe that staying up to date on educational research is essential for creating a solid foundation and making sound decisions. All of our professional learning resources are grounded in current and field-tested research.
  • Collaboration – No one can do it alone! We encourage collaboration among educators, schools, and districts to create the best experience for students.
  • Reflection – Implementing change doesn’t mean much if you never reflect on it and find places to grow. We look back on outcomes to measure impacts and refine our best practices.
  • Equity – Every student deserves a high-quality education, no matter their background. We help educators provide an equitable curriculum for all children.

Ways Professional Learning Experts Hone Your Skills 

When you’re trying to learn a new skill or improve an old one, having a partner along for the ride can make all the difference. Professional learning experts are there to guide you, listen, and keep you accountable. They have the skills to help you be successful, rather than just having you sit through another lecture.

Our professional development programs for early childhood educators offer a variety of ways to hone your skills. We utilize multiple modes of delivery, and you can choose from in-person or virtual training. But no matter how you choose to participate, our professional learning experts in Indiana are here to impart valuable knowledge that boosts your effectiveness as an educator. Here are a few areas in which you can grow:

  • Curriculum Development – Building a solid core curriculum is paramount in any school. Our experts will work with you to develop key skills, such as mapping, alignment, and assessment.
  • Innovation – The world is changing, and education must adapt to it. We encourage participants to try new things in the classroom and promote innovation on the part of students.
  • Leadership – Whether you’re a department head or not, you are a leader within your school district. Dozens of children look up to their teachers, and we work to help those educators enhance their leadership skills.
  • Student-Centered Lessons – Often, it’s easy to get caught up in state standards and create lessons that are less than engaging. Throughout this training, you’ll learn to develop lesson plans that keep students engaged while still hitting all the required subject matter.

Get Access to a Wealth of Resources 

Your free professional development doesn’t begin and end with our trainings. While you work with Keep Indiana Learning, you’ll have access to our engagement center. This hub features links to free events, subject-specific research, and even blogs about best practices in education. So whether you’ve been teaching for decades or you’re brand new to the field, we provide an abundance of resources to help you develop as an educator.

See What Keep Indiana Learning Can Do for You 

Seeing children grow and learn every day is the great joy of teaching. But don’t forget that you’re still a student yourself! If you’re looking to develop your skills further, Keep Indiana Learning is here to help. Our customized professional learning modules are designed to support you in your mission to be the educator your students deserve. Contact us today for details about this opportunity.


  • Keep Indiana Learning was created to support educators by sharing resources and best practices in online and continuous learning activities for individual educators, schools and districts looking to design or refine remote learning plans.

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