Micro-Credentials – You Do Actually Need Those Stinking Badges!

Micro-Credentials – You Do Actually Need Those Stinking Badges!

Written by: Kyle Kline

July 7, 2021

The first thing that usually comes to my mind when I hear someone mention “badges” is the famous line from the movie, Blazing Saddles. The second thought that enters my mind is how people love digital badges and enjoy displaying them in their email signatures. These badges, or micro-credentials, are a fun way to display a person’s efforts when it comes to different achievements.

Micro-credentials are popular in the business sector and represent certifications in hard skills, such as Microsoft Office, or soft skills, such as teamwork or self-management. Education is starting to use micro-credentials for teachers to show certifications in specific competencies that pertain to their classroom. From Quizziz to Kahoot to Google Certified Educators to SEL, educators proudly display these digital stickers in various places. And who doesn’t love a good sticker, right?

In the three videos below, I will take you through a quick journey of how to create your own micro-credentialing program for your school or your district. Many school districts are offering micro-credentials (badges) as another method for teachers to show how they are continually learning and improving their skills. Instead of attending conferences for professional development, teachers are able to complete shorter pathways or courses that allow them to demonstrate their professional learning. This can be done outside of the school day and on the teachers own time. 

In addition to describing the “Why” of a badge program (which is discussed in the first video), I will show you the “How” of creating the different pieces of your program. Designing your program involves much more than creating a fun badge on a graphic design program like Google Drawings or Canva. Check out the videos below and see why you do actually need those stinking badges!

Part 1

Overview of Micro-credentialing program and creation of a checklist

Part 2

Designing badges in Canva, badge criteria in Google Docs, and badge requests in Google Forms

Part 3

Creating a Badgr account to issue badges, designing a Google Site to display badges and criteria, and workflow



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  • Kyle Kline is a Google Certified Trainer and the Coordinator of Digital Learning at Twin Lakes School Corporation in Monticello, Indiana. He has 6 years of experience as a technology integration specialist with a background of 13 years teaching mathematics at the high school level. He regularly integrated Twitter (@MrKline_EdTech), flipped lessons, blended learning, and many other web tools into his daily lessons. As an education technology speaker, Kyle's passion is working with educators and students and watching their eyes light up when they learn something new that can help them in the classroom or their daily lives. He is a ViewSonic Authorized Trainer and a member of the Indiana Connected Educators, an ISTE affiliate.

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