How to Plan for Learning During the Summer

How can I avoid summer learning loss? It’s a question on teachers’ minds as we near the end of the school year. To keep students learning and engaged all year long, it’s important to offer activities and resources over the summer. But offering a few summer classes and camps isn’t enough to avoid being another number in next year’s summer learning loss statistics. At Keep Indiana Learning, we strive to give teachers and administrators all the tools they need to keep their students ahead of the curve. Here are our tips to consider as you plan for learning during the summer.

Use Distance Learning as a Resource 

Thanks to COVID, most schools have some kind of distance learning measures in place. Just because we’re back in person doesn’t mean we should throw away all of our new techniques. Summer distance learning modules are a great way to keep students engaged with classroom material, even if they’re going on a trip during the warmer months. Using these resources, schools can offer accelerated learning programs without having to open their facilities.

It’s Not All Worksheets and Tests 

Maintaining student engagement is more than getting kids in a classroom or on a Zoom call. To really immerse your students in summer learning materials, you’ll need to implement learning activities beyond worksheets and tests. Don’t hesitate to incorporate fun outdoor activities throughout the day. After all, it is summer, and we can all use some time to soak in the vitamin D! As you work on summer learning loss prevention, consider choosing fun, hands-on group work instead of run-of-the-mill homework.

Get Parents Involved 

It’s always a good idea to get parents involved in summer learning. Keeping parents aware of what’s going on in the classroom makes it easier for them to help out with homework, studying, or simply talking about the material at home. Plus, parents who are more engaged with academics are more likely to inspire their children to work hard at school as well!

Don’t Forget Your Own Professional Development!

When planning for the summer and learning enhancement, it can be easy for teachers to forget about their own needs. Nevertheless, teacher professional development is just as important as directly combating the loss of learning over the summer. Attend summer conferences (our 2022 theme is Rebound, Reshape, Renew) or consider taking courses in a subject that interests you. Whatever you learn is sure to trickle down to your students!

Make This Summer One to Remember

Preventing summer learning loss takes a lot of work on the part of teachers and administrators, but keeping your students engaged all year is possible. While summer should be a time to relax and unwind, learning and developing new skills can go hand-in-hand with a summer of fun. Invite your students to a school-run summer camp or take some time to register for Keep Indiana Learning’s STEM Synergy Summer Bootcamp. Whether you focus on student learning, professional development, or a little of both, it’s sure to be a summer to remember.

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