STEM Synergy & Ecosystem – January 2023 Convening

Contributed by: Amanda McCammon

March 9, 2023

Join the 400+ STEM Synergy & Indiana STEM Ecosystem members from across the state for a sharing of STEM related events, resources & news! Meet new STEM friends, make connections, network and learn what is going on in STEM in Indiana!


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  • An experienced Indiana educator with over a decade serving at all levels within Indiana public education including as a technology education and PLTW teacher, building administrator, CTE Director, Student Services Director, and Assistant Superintendent within rural, suburban, and urban communities. Recently, Amanda spent two years serving the students and educators of Indiana at the State level as the Chief of Workforce & STEM Alliances. While serving at the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), McCammon worked closely with policy makers and other State agencies including the Governor's Office, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. The primary focus of Amanda's state-level work included policy development and program implementation within the areas of PK-12 standards & curriculum, career & technical education, workforce development, college and career readiness, business & industry partnerships, and STEM/CS education. As a former IDOE cabinet level member serving Indiana educators and students across the state, Amanda led the charge from the General Assembly in 2017 to develop a 6 year State-wide STEM strategic plan outlining Indiana's objectives for STEM education. This extensive project focused on providing equitable STEM access for all students, building teacher and leadership STEM capacity, and connecting school districts and communities with business and industry partners in order to collaboratively develop and implement local plans to meet the current and future, highly technical workforce pipeline demands. Also during her tenure at the IDOE, McCammon worked to make Indiana the third state in the nation to adopt all nine computer science policy recommendations. Since leaving the IDOE in 2019, McCammon has served across the nation as an educational consultant working toward equitable, high quality STEM for all. Amanda also serves as the Indiana STEM Ecosystem Lead and STEM Synergy Coordinator for CIESC/Keep Indiana Learning.