• Ryan Steuer has been serving thousands of educators for over a decade through professional development in Project Based Learning, Service Learning, and all things Technology, Ryan is ‘Living His Why.’ Ryan started his career as an Industrial Engineer but made a major shift to teach 8th grade English on the southwest side of Indianapolis at Decatur Middle School. During his 8 year teaching career (2005-2013) he helped start Apex, a project-based learning model within DMS. After seeing results in the classroom, Ryan began teaching others to help spread the practice and benefits of student-centered classrooms. After his teaching career, he continued to work with youth through Mission Indy and Generation On (2013-2015). During that period he started Magnify Learning (2014) in order to provide professional development that helped equip educators with project-based learning tools. When he’s not doing awesome PBL work he enjoys being outside with his wife and 5 kids as well as their 30 chickens. Ryan can be found canoeing, hiking, and biking with his family as well as pastoring a rural church.